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Male_Zebra_Finch_Artwork_GPazyMinoC_copyright_2007Students interested in joining Dr. Paz-y-Miño C.’s research should send an email to stating area of interest (e.g. evolution, behavior and cognition, acceptance of evolution, conservation, or sports sciences), previous experience and research background, a statement of purpose and goals, and 2-3 references with full contact information. Applicants usually join ongoing studies, or develop new projects. Short, mid- and long-term research opportunities are possible, as well as volunteering in graduate student projects. Several undergraduates have conducted senior- and/or Honors-thesis in the fields listed above. For BS degree information visit UMassD Admissions and Biology Program.

Female_Zebra_Finch_Artwork_GPazyMinoC_copyright_2007Master of Science Degree Applicants: our lab seasonally recruits master of science students for the Fall semesters. If interested in conducting bird behavior and cognition research, contact  Application deadline for the Fall 2012 academic year is approaching (January 2012 for TAship lines, and March 2012 for non-TA). GRE and Biology-subject-GRE are required, and TOEFL for international applicants. The Department of Biology and UMassD is growing significantly, with new faculty and national/international graduate students. UMassD is located in one of the most attractive areas in New England, close to Boston, Cape Cod and Providence. A PhD program in Integrative Biology is in the making; potential applicants can contact us to explore the status of this possibility. For MS or PhD programs info visit UMassD Graduate Studies & Admissions and Graduate Program in Biology.