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New England Science Public Series Evolution Paz-y-Mino-C09-16-2014: Latest article on evolution illiteracy at 300 colleges and universities in the United States, by Guillermo Paz-y-Miño-C and Avelina Espinosa, Acceptance of Evolution by America’s Educators of Prospective Teachers has been featured in the Richard Dawkins Foundation Newsletter and website (more than 40 comments). RDF has also posted a note (09-18-2014) in its Facebook page (100 comments, more than 300 shares and beyond 1,000 likes).

09-23-2014: Guillermo Paz-y-Miño-C was elected member of the Ecuadorian Academy of Sciences (ACE); the selection process was sanctioned by ACE and a committee of researchers members of the InterAmerican Network of Academies of Sciences (IANAS).


At a formal, yet fun ceremony, on February 19, 2015, which took place at the Main Auditorium of the Eugenio Espejo Convention Center, in Quito, 25 new scholars became ‘Active Members’ of ACE. Dr. Carlos Soria, President of ACE, and Dr. Michael Clegg, from the Inter American Network of Academies of Sciences and past Foreign Secretary of the US National Academy of Sciences, welcomed the new ACE members.

08-[10-15]-2014: Guillermo Paz-y-Miño-C participated at the International Society of Protistologists ISOP 2014 meeting in Banff, Canada.

Summer-2014: Scott Goeppner (BioHonors thesis member of the Paz-y-Miño-C Lab) participated at an internship in evolutionary biology at Oklahoma State University (REU-NSF). Scott was selected among hundreds of applicants from the entire United States.

04-24-2014: Rachael Bonoan, BS Biology 2013 (and BioHonors thesis member of the Paz-y-Miño-C Lab 2010-2013), has published with her current PhD advisor at Tufts University, Phil Starks, a paper featured in The Economist. The Bonoan et al. article is titled “Vasculature of the hive: heat dissipation in the honey bee (Apis mellifera) hive” and appeared in Naturwissenschaften.

04-28-2014: Guillermo Paz-y-Miño-C participated at a one-day symposium on “The History of Genetics Research in Ecuador,” at the University of the Americas UDLA, Quito, Ecuador.

02-04-2014: PRAEGER ABC-CLIO published Animal Behavior: How and Why Animals Do the Things They Do (Ed K Yasukawa & Z Tang-Martinez). Guillermo Paz-y-Miño-C. contributed to Volume 3 with the chapter Cognitive Repertoire, Cognitive Legacies, and Collective Reasoning: The Next Frontiers in Conservation Behavior.

Evolution Book Paz-y-Mino-C09-27-2013: NOVA just published Guillermo Paz-y-Miño-C’s BOOK Evolution Stands Faith Up: Reflections on Evolution’s Wars. NOVA Publishers, NY.

08-19-24 -2013: Guillermo Paz-y-Miño-C participated at the XIV Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology, Lisbon, Portugal. Talk: The Jackprot Simulation: slot-machine model to teach the non-random nature of protein evolution.

06-1-5 -2013: Guillermo Paz-y-Miño-C participated at the III World Evolution Summit in the Galapagos. Keynote address: Evolution, Science, Pseudo Science and the Public’s Perception of Reality. The Summit was organized by the University of San Francisco of Quito (USFQ) and its Galapagos Institute for the Arts and Sciences (GAIAS).

05-02-2013: The Department of Biology at UMassD awarded the Publication Award to MS Elsa Yeung who graduated from the Paz-y-Miño-C Lab in December 2012.

05-02-2013: The Department of Biology at UMassD awarded the following awards to undergraduate researchers at the Paz-y-Miño-C Lab: Rachael Bonoan: Summa Cum Laude, Broadly Accomplished Biologist Award, Publication Award, and Biological Science Award for acceptance at a PhD Program; Felecia Clodius: Summa Cum Laude, Broadly Accomplished Biologist Award, and Publication Award; Sara Caetano: Publication Award.

04-18-20 -2013: Guillermo Paz-y-Miño-C participated at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center NESCent catalysis meeting Evolution and the Underserved. NESCent operates at Duke University, NC, and is sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

04-08-2013: Rachael Bonoan, BS Biology 2013 (and BioHonors thesis member of the Paz-y-Miño-C Lab 2010-2013), has been accepted at the PhD program in the Department of Biology,  Tufts University.

02-20-2013: Elsa Yeung, MS Biology 2012 (and member of the Paz-y-Miño-C Lab 2009-2012), has been accepted at the School of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts University. Elsa shall enroll at Tufts in the Fall 2013.

02-20-13: The Torch published the report Darwin Week Engages Students in reference to the events coordinated by G. Paz-y-Mino-C to celebrate Darwin at UMass Dartmouth (Feb 11-15 and 20).

02-20-2013: Matt Camara, Staff Writer for The Standard Times of New Bedford wrote the commentary Evolution Misunderstood By Students, Faculty, based on the publication Attitudes toward evolution at New England colleges and universities, United States by Paz-y-Miño-C, G. & Espinosa, A.

02-12/18-2013: The Boston Globe published two commentaries featuring the publication Attitudes toward evolution at New England colleges and universities, United States by Paz-y-Miño-C, G. & Espinosa, A. Read the commentaries by Staff Writer Carolyn Y. Johnson in Happy Birthday Charles Darwin – The Boston Globe and Basic Knowledge of Darwin’s Theory Lost in Some Classes – The Boston Globe Metro.

11-29-2012: New England Science Public (a partnership initiative for the public understanding of science) was launched. See editorial New England Science Public Reaches the Community.

04-25-2012: The Chronicle of Higher Education highlighted the publication Educators of prospective teachers hesitate to embrace evolution due to deficient understanding of science/evolution and high religiosity by Paz-y-Miño-C, G. & Espinosa, A.

COVER_JEU_Vol_59_No_2_2012_JPEG_small03/04-2012: The Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology featured on its cover the article Discrimination, Crypticity and Incipient Taxa in Entamoeba by Espinosa, A.& Paz-y-Miño-C, G.

12-05-2011: Rachael Bonoan, BioHonors researcher at the Paz-y-Miño-C Lab won the 2011 Biology New England South (BioNES) undergraduate oral competition with the talk “Dominance Hierarchy Formation and Its Potential Applications for Laboratory Research: Using a Model Organism, the Zebra Finch.”

Spring-2011: The UMass Dartmouth Alumni Magazine featured the article Is Scientific Literacy at Risk of Extinction? by Natalie White in which G. Paz-y-Miño-C work on patterns of acceptance of evolution in New England and the US is highlighted.